Here you will find pictures from our club events.

A selection of pictures taken by club members on club events, key days and member meetings

Authentic Day Vreeswijk
3 September 2022

Again this year some members of our club attend the Authentic Day Vreeswijk.

A classic car , truck, motorcycle meeting, with little fair.

For the drivers they have a nice roadrally trough the Vreeswijk area.

It was a good sunny day in Vreeswijk!

Corvair meets Kever (Bug)
21 may 2022

It was the first normal clubday since COVID took over t he world. We started the day at a clubmembers house and drove to an aircooled museum. We took a look at the VW collection and after we finished the museum we had a nice drive to our final destination. We had a drink and some food and before we knew it, the day was over. A lot of Corvairs showed up, it was a great day!

Authentic Day Vreeswijk
4 September 2021

Vreeswijk was all about the Authentic day. Our first event since Covid19 took over the world.

Several clubmembers drove the rally with their Corvairs.
After the rally all classic cars, bikes, trucks were parked for show 'n shine in the center of Vreeswijk. There were less visitors and a smaller market, but it was still a good sunny day. For a first meeting in more than 1,5 years it was a good one to see each other again.

Covid19 activities.

Due to the Corona Virus we can't have any club meetings. We organized a digital club meeting to see and speak with eachother. We talked about the club "future", projects of members, mechanical problems and just how everybody is doing at this time. We talked for about one hour.
Even though this is a good way, we hope we can see eachother and plan a real event again soon! It is way more fun with Corvair engines sounds in the background.

Puzzle tour Valkenswaard
September 2020

Due to the Corona virus we didn't have many events this year.

We only did a individual puzzle tour in the area of  Valkenswaard. Find the way with the help of the pictures in the roadbook. We drove on curvy roads and through many small towns. Unfortunately we couldn't talk that much or have dinner together.
Still it was a good day to drive the Corvair and have some fun!

Autumn Meeting Sittard
30/31 Aug -1 Sept 2019

This year's last clubweekend was in the south of the Netherlands. We stayed at a club member's house from where we left for a beautiful ride through the hilly landscape of Limburg.

A well-cared lunch and bbq made the saturday complete.

A visit to Sittard Classic was planned for Sunday. The Corvairs took part in this oldtimer event.

Authentic Day Vreeswijk
7 September 2019

Vreeswijk was all about the Authentic day. A full day of vintage cars in the town center. This year's theme was USA.

The Corvairs from different members were displayed in the  VIP area. One of the highlights of the day is the beautiful rally in the surroundings of Vreeswijk. The event was completed with a market and live music.

Blossom ride - King's Day 2019

We started the weekend at the National Fruitpark Ochten, to visit the village of Buren through a beautiful route. After the tour we ended up at the Betuws Wijndomein.


On Sunday, a nice trip was also planned, with Fort Vuren as a stopover. From there to Asperen for a visit to 7000 miniature cars. We ended up at Landgoed Mariƫnwaerdt. A great program and many different activities!

Corvair Club Brunch 2018

The last club meeting of 2018. The route was different for everyone with "your own house" as the starting point and Valkenswaard as the end point. A club member had organized a brunch here. In addition to the brunch, there was also a lottery with Tshirts, some small parts and handing out orders. Besides the delicious food and the beautiful weather to enjoy the view of the Corvairs, there was plenty of time to talk about everything.

Wrench days 2018

The engine has been finished and the well-known "starting and running" was also applicable here, even though it was of short duration. The engine was running but there was a problem somewhere in the fuel supply. Finally, the fuel supply problem was solved and the carburetors were overhauled. The Greenbrier is MOT approved and has made its first kilometers on the Dutch roads.

Corvair Club Weekend
21/22 April 2018

Erestein Castle was the base for this Corvair Club Weekend. From Erestein we made 2 beautiful trips through the southern Limburg hilly landscape with a stop to visit  Fort Eben-Emael. The hilly landscape with the hairpin bends (also known as Little Switzerland) was beautiful to ride. The weather was warm and the atmosphere was cozy!

Wrench days 2017

After standing still for 10 years,  a number of club members have taken care of the Greenbrier . On the first key day, the gas tank was cleaned and trimmed, the engine further assembled and the oil cooling connected.



The engine has been further reduced, the differential has been checked, and all brakes have been made all around.


Corvair Club Weekend

26/27 August 2017

Saturday we started at the DRU Industrial Park in Ulft. We took a peek into the museum and from there we drove to Autorestauratiebedrijf Lensink & Kolstee where we could see a Corvair from a club member. After a good overnight stay, the Sunday was reserved for the Crash Museum inbetween Lievelde and Groenlo. The weather was great and the weekend went well.


Corvair Club Weekend

8/9 April 2017

With beautiful weather we toured in the area below.

We started in Dussen with an extensive lunch in the company of the Reniers family; then we drove eastwards over the many dikes to Zaltbommel.

Dined and spent the night at the Koppelpaarden in Dussen.

The next day we drove around the Biesbosch and then into the Alblasserwaard, from Kinderdijk along the Lekdijk to the Meerkerk endpoint on the A27.


Corvair Club Weekend


The ride started at the Ford museum in Hillegom. After a visit to the museum, the tour went around Schiphol. The Calatrava bridges were one of the sights on the route. After the Schiphol tour we drove towards Loosdrecht.


Corvair Clubrit


Beautiful Limburg gave us the perfect route with hills and country roads. A stopover with a tour of "the very last" coal mine in the Netherlands, with a terrace every now and then. The day ended with a BBQ.




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